Yoga su le mattonelle

On my first visit to Sicilia, I had met a Parisian girl in Palermo. We had decided to travel around the island together for the next week, the remainder of her vacation.

She had a tent, a sleeping bag and mat, enormous hiking boots, which I never saw her wear, and a wonderful command of languages.

Like many educated (continental) Europeans, she switched from French to Italian to English with ease (her English spoken with an American accent).

It was she that inspired me to learn Spanish, as I saw how easy it was for her to travel and make friends because of her Italian.

We had camped outside a few towns when we could, she in her sleeping bag on her mat; me on the ground in several layers of clothes (this was not, how should we say it, a romantic liaison).

And so, it was as we were getting on a bus to travel to another town, that I overhear one elderly lady with a distinct NY, Manhattan accent, say to another: “look, they brought their yoga mat!”.

I had always been amused by that comment.

That is until this trip, with irony, I have to admit I did consider bringing my yoga mat!

Yoga is the only thing that seems to keep my back healthy, so I had thought about bringing it, but as my backpack suddenly filled up with my camera tripods, I soon discarded that idea.

However, I can now confirm, that yoga on a hard tiled Italian kitchen floor is possible.