Cerco di Pesce

Giovedi 21 Ottobre
Cerco di Pesce

Giovanni and I stand on the docks of Santa Marina, talking. Every now and then we glance out to sea, at the fishing boat moving backwards and forwards on the horizon, like pong, tantalising us.

He’s the local baker, and when I had asked about fish in the small caffe bar by the port, he had volunteered to show me which boat to look out for.

After about an hour, the boat, the Santa Maria, is suddenly approaching. We race over to where it’s berthing, the 3 crew calmly tying up to shore. Another man, also in search of fish, asks politely about their catch.

“Nothing, not one fish. Maybe tomorrow, if the weather is fine.”

Returning back to my house, empty handed, I find a brown paper bag on my table. On top of it are some more of those beautiful tomatoes. A regalito (gift) from the signora next door!

I think about a gift I can give her… Some fish! Now If only I can find some…